Mobile Occupational Therapy services

We come to you to provide in-person services within St Clair, Madison, and Monroe Counties of Illinois.  We can also offer telehealth visits to anyone in Illinois or Missouri.

Our services are focused on promoting holistic health and wellness.  See below for some specifics but this list is not exhaustive.  Call or email to discuss your specific needs.

Lifestyle Optimization / Lifestyle Medicine

Do you aspire to maximize your healthy lifestyle?  Whether you are hoping to prevent chronic disease, treat disease that has already begun (such as Type 2 Diabetes or Obesity), or up your competitive game Pyrkia Health can help you make critical lifestyle modifications to change your life.  Utilizing the theoretical foundation of the 6 Pillars of Lifestyle Medicine and evidenced-based interventions to support effective and long-term changes of daily routines, Pyrkia Health will partner with you to help you optimize your lifestyle and health.

  • Nutrition
  • Physical Activity
  • Stress Management
  • Restorative Sleep
  • Social Connection
  • Avoidance of Risky Substances

Resilience, Stress-Management, Emotional Regulation and Holistic Mental Wellness

If any of the following describe you we can help.  Are you:

  • A Caregiver experiencing symptoms of stress or burn-out including new parents, parents of children with special needs, health care workers, caregivers of adult loved ones
  • Struggling to find balance in your life
  • Reacting in ways you later regret, lashing out at loved ones, struggling to manage your anger and frustration, easily triggered
  • Avoiding important things in your life
  • Experiencing a critical inner voice
  • Living with a diagnosis of anxiety, depression, or other mental illness and looking for occupation-based interventions to aid your recovery
  • Hoping to maximize your personal resilience to ensure that you show up as your best self every day
  • Committed to teaching a younger generation how to self-regulate in our ever more complex world


Drawing from an eclectic array of disciplines including positive psychology, neurology, spirituality, and occupational therapy among others we can help you manifest joy in your life.  Laurie obtained her Joy Potential Coaching Certification in 2023 from renowned joy coach, teacher, and mentor Christine Eartheart.  See Christine’s Ted Talk on Joy Potential here and then book an appointment with Pyrkia to start manifesting more joy in your life today.

Activity and Interest Groups (Coming Soon)

Pyrkia offers a rotation of exploratory groups to promote connection, sharing of ideas, and group support on a variety of health and wellness topics.  Upcoming group topics include:

  • How to live a more environmentally sustainable life
  • Communing with nature to heal your mind, body, and spirit
  • Parenting a child with mental health issues
  • Exploring spiritual practices across the spectrum of world religions

If you have ideas for a future group email us to let us know

What is Occupational Therapy

The term Occupation refers to the activities or occupations that fill our time.  Occupational therapists work with clients to maximize their sense of purpose and meaning in their lives by focusing on routine activities and habits.  Occupational Therapists use meaningful activities to bring about profound changes in the lives of their client partners.  While OT’s work in numerous settings and with a vast array of client types, the consistent theme of Occupation as both the means and the ends (or the intervention and the goal) is the core of the profession.

Contact us today to start living the life you desire!

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